The combination of efficient and correct management and a flexible approach makes Taranaki Shipping BV a perfect logistics partner. Clients can rely on Taranaki Shipping BV professionalism and proactive behaviour.  We understand the need for safety and reliability, together with speed and flexibility to help our customers capitalise on opportunities. This makes us more than just a storage company. We

are a critical link in a complex chain.

We were created by traders, so it’s no surprise you’ll find us in the key energy locations of the world.  We work right across the barrel.. From crude oil, low-flash K-1 product and jet A1, through to fuel oil, distillates and hydrocarbons in alternative forms such as LPG. This means you have a global partner that is ready and able to address your needs, reliably and safely. We have a unique insight into energy trading and product flows.

Taranaki Shipping BV has built state of the art greenfield terminals, and acquired and transformed existing businesses. So although our fleet includes a leading-edge storage facility in the Rotterdam, Houston, and a completely rejuvenated Soviet-era facility in Russia, our hallmarks are consistent in both.  Wherever you deal with us, you’ll find us safe, lean, efficient and flexible. we have the ability to help our customers seize market opportunities. 

Best in Storage and Transportation of Petrochemical

As been responsible in the field of transportation and storage of fuel, it has been our priority to make a better buisness opportunity and to make sure the best in our services is delivered.


Taranaki Shipping BV growth has been rapid, and has followed a two-pronged approach to expansion. We have identified excellent locations and built brand new assets on greenfield sites. And we have acquired existing businesses and aligned them to our own technical and HSE standards.

Taranaki Shipping BV  builds and maintains vertical steel storage tanks for many different products. Orders are received from many well-established companies such as AkzoNobel, Cargill, Eastman, Eneco, Evides, Shell and Siemens and we work in many industrial sectors, such as the (petro) chemical, oil, energy, tank storage,